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March Meeting Update: City of Irvine Early Endorsement Support

Our Sunday meeting will be on who our club will support for early endorsement by the Democratic Party via the County Central Committee, and we have had an additional Democratic candidate reach out to be considered for endorsement for the City Council race. We will vote via an electronic vote administered by after our March 20, 2022 hybrid meeting. You can register for the 4:30 pm Zoom club meeting at this link or attend in person at the Duck Club, 15 Riparian View, Irvine. You must be present at the meeting in person or on Zoom to vote.

Candidates seeking endorsement support are, for Mayor:

  • Mayor Farrah Khan*

For City Council:

  • Councilmember Larry Agran*
  • Dr. Kathleen Treseder 
  • Mr. Scott Hansen

where candidates marked with an asterisk (*) are incumbents. Consistent with DPOC and CDP bylaws, we will vote between candidates and a position of No Early Endorsement. 

Members in good standing have received these candidates’ answers to a questionnaire prepared by the board. If you believe you are a member in good standing but have not received the questionnaire, please email the board. 

Mayor Process

Since only one candidate is being considered for Mayor, they will receive our support if our membership votes by 60% or more, with at least 11 affirmative votes of support for endorsement, as required by our bylaws. 

City Council Process 

The board will suggest that this vote take place as a ranked choice vote. A sample ballot is at this link, where the listed order of the candidates will be randomized for each voter. Ranked choice voting is used in many jurisdictions for multiple candidate and multiple position races. See page from here about where ranked choice is adopted, as well as here about why proportional ranked choice is a “gold standard.”

The board is suggesting ranked choice since it is recommended, for proportional representation, of groups of people, even when the group of people is only two.  More specifically, the board will propose voting for Council candidate support by a ranked choice, instant runoff, Scottish single transferable vote method. The position of No Early Endorsement will be considered as a fourth option. OPA Vote has a blog discussing optimal methods for multiple winner elections here. An explainer of Scottish STV is here

Our bylaws require that membership vote to support a change from a simple, single round of voting by a 2/3rds vote of those present and voting at the membership meeting. If ranked choice is not supported by 2/3 or more of membership at the meeting, we will use the default of a single round voting of selecting up to 2 candidates (including the option of no endorsement). 

Please email the board if you have any questions by responding to this email. 

Resolution Submitted

resolution was submitted by member in good standing Doug Elliott on “Opposing Evisceration of the Sunshine Ordinance.” We will consider it at our March 20 meeting. 

Please email the board if you have any questions by responding to this email. 

Our Field Efforts are Starting Up!

Every voter contact will matter!

You can sign up to volunteer right now at this link

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