July Club Meeting: District Elections in Irvine?

Our July club meeting will focus on the biggest change that could possibly come to our local city government soon: District Elections for City Council Members as well as expansion of the City Council (a greater number of Council Members).

We will hear from independent experts on the pros and cons of district elections, and we expect to be joined by our Democratic members of Irvine City Council. 

As you may know, the California Democratic Party Platform supports moving from at-large to district elections according to the following language in the Political Reform Plank

  • Encourage the replacement of at-large election methods with the adoption of by-district and/or alternative voting methods, such as ranked choice voting, cumulative voting, or limited voting for city, school, and special district elections to ensure that the votes of diverse communities are not diluted and to ensure that grassroots candidates can compete without needing to raise prohibitively large sums of money;

Our July meeting will be July 17 at 4:30 – 6:30 pm in hybrid format!

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