Club Resolutions 2021-23

Below are all club resolutions that have passed our membership vote. If you would like to submit a resolution for consideration, please reach out to our board!


Whereas it is important for local Democratic clubs to be directly involved in support of their local elected officials and leaders within Orange County and where a club-based nominating process will serve to introduce the accomplishments of our local Democratic award nominees to a wider county audience;

Whereas it is incumbent upon the DPOC to increase awareness of the importance of local elections and encourage club participation in DPOC activities including, but not limited to, events like the DPOC Awards Dinner,

Whereas there is no description in the current DPOC bylaws of the process of nominating deserving Democratic leaders for any awards issued from the DPOC;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Democrats of Greater Irvine support a solicitation and nomination process be implemented by the DPOC to create an inclusive and transparent process for the selections of award-recipients of DPOC awards that includes direct club votes or a club representative to serve on the DPOC awards committee.

#2, June 2021 support of DPOC Resolution – ENCOURAGING SECONDS TO AGENDIZE ITEMS

Whereas, Democrats are often in the minority on City Councils, School Board, and various government boards, but often have a second or third elected Democrat on this same body and seek a second to bring an issue into a public debate,

Whereas debating an issue is a cornerstone of democracy and silencing a request to do so is undemocratic;

Whereas elected Democrats on any city council, school board or government body has a duty to their oath of office to examine issues in the public interest;

Be it Resolved that the Democratic Party of Orange County strongly encourages that any request from an elected Democrat to agendize a subject for public debate offer a second to Democrat requesting a second. By debating an issue, the community is educated on points from every side. And any issue can be defeated with a vote of the elected body; but failure to allow debate is not a core value of the Democratic Party.

#1, May 2021 Resolution Passage – Adoption of District Elections in Irvine

WHEREAS Irvine, with about 287,000 residents, elects its Council members at-large; many smaller cities have already adopted district elections; and Irvine’s ratio at approximately 57,500 residents per elected Council member is much higher than the two next largest and next smallest cities, whose average ratio is approximately 37,600 residents per council member; and

WHEREAS Irvine Democrats believe that a healthy democracy is based on representative government, with all eligible voters able to participate in the election of their representatives. We oppose the culture of cronyism and corruption and demand transparency and accountability from our local government. District elections are recognized throughout the country as the most representative way to elect City government, and are supported by the California Democratic Party Platform; and

WHEREAS the influence of developer and special-interest PAC money and independent expenditures has historically dwarfed campaign contributions candidates have raised and spent on their own, which allows corporations to wield a disproportionate influence over local elections. District elections empower neighborhoods, create accountability, and make campaigns affordable while preventing corporations or special interests from controlling Irvine’s political agenda. District elections ensure that grassroots candidates can compete without needing to raise prohibitively large sums of money; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Democrats of Greater Irvine urge that (1) Irvine adopt single-member Council districts plus a Mayor elected at-large citywide; (2) these districts be drawn by an independent panel of retired judges, for more equitable and direct representation; (3) City Council candidates be required to have resided in their district (made it their actual, primary, and voting residence) for at least six months before their election and during their entire tenure in that office; (4) election of a district’s Council member be limited to voters registered at addresses therein; (5) the Irvine City Council agendize and support or place a districting proposal on the ballot during the 2021 special election and (6) Irvine City Council members and Orange County Democratic elected officials support this resolution publicly and in writing.

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